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An al­ter­na­tive way to ac­cess sub­ti­tles is to em­bed them into your me­dia us­ing Hand­brake. A full guide can be found un­der “Ad­vanced Fea­tures” at https://hand­brake.fr/docs/en/— but it’s ba­si­cally this: Load up your me­dia, switch to the “Sub­ti­tles” tab, and ei­ther im­port your .srt file (you can set an off­set if re­quired), or click “Add Track” if rip­ping from DVD. Look for a “For­eign Au­dio Scan” op­tion [ Im­age E], which at­tempts to de­tect the for­eign-lan­guage di­a­log track for you, then check both “Forced Only” and “De­fault” (or “Burn In” if you want the sub­ti­tles to be phys­i­cally over­laid on the video track, which means they’re vis­i­ble even if sub­ti­tles are switched off). You’ll never be bam­boo­zled by Jabba the Hutt again.

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