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At the top of many im­age-edit­ing pro­grams is a his­togram. This is a graph show­ing the bright­ness of your im­age on the X axis, with the num­ber of pix­els at that bright­ness on the Y. You can use this to see if your im­age has high­lights that are pure white—known as “clipped”—and from which no de­tail can be ex­tracted. Affin­ity has a “Show Clipped High­lights” but­ton, top-right, which shows th­ese up as red ar­eas in your im­age. The op­po­site, shad­ows that are pure black, can be re­vealed in blue with the “Show Clipped Shad­ows” but­ton. As you al­ter the bright­ness of your im­age, you can watch the his­togram to get an idea of how much lat­i­tude you have be­fore ar­eas start to clip.

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