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Ap­pli­ca­tions— pro­grams you run on your PC—are a con­stant. They’re al­ways there. We all use them, and our ma­chines would be dusty husks with­out them. But they do have a ten­dency to get a bit out of con­trol, par­tic­u­larly if a sys­tem has ex­isted for a long time. An ap­pli­ca­tion al­most al­ways con­sists of a bunch of files; the more apps and games you have in­stalled, the more files ex­ist on your hard drive. This isn’t, in it­self, a prob­lem, un­til your drive is filled with ten thou­sand chunks of good­ness-knows-what, and a sin­gle search op­er­a­tion takes half an hour be­cause Win­dows has de­cided it must metic­u­lously in­spect every sin­gle thing. And here’s a quiz for you: What was the last pro­gram you in­stalled, and where is it on your hard drive? We’d wa­ger that, in the first count, you’re prob­a­bly not sure, and in the sec­ond, you ham­mered through the process, let it en­sconce it­self in good­ness-knowswhat folder, and have ab­so­lutely no idea what other things it scat­tered over your hard disk.

Go­ing with the flow of pro­gram in­stal­la­tion is nor­mal and en­tirely un­der­stand­able, but it’s not dif­fi­cult or oner­ous to get your­self or­ga­nized, and a well-sorted PC will stand you in good stead for con­tin­ued use. Un­less you use ex­treme meth­ods, you won’t ever be able to stop the mi­asma of ran­dom files seep­ing through your PC. But we’ll show you how to seek them out, and how to re­move un­wanted pro­grams en­tirely. We’ll even show you new ways of in­stalling soft­ware that make it eas­ier to man­age, up­date, and unin­stall when you’re ready. And if the thought of in­stalling soft­ware is giv­ing you some form of filesys­tem OCD, we can teach you how to make your own por­ta­ble apps that don’t need in­stalling in the first place, or how to in­te­grate your fa­vorite apps into a cus­tom build of Win­dows 10 that starts a clean PC ex­actly the way you want it.

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