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Light­works’ ba­sic edi­tion sup­ports all kinds of footage when it comes to edit­ing, but get­ting it out the other side is an­other mat­ter: You’re stuck with 720p Vimeoor YouTube-suit­able out­put. Frankly, though, if any­one is ex­pect­ing you to share your home movies in 4K at 120fps, they’re prob­a­bly not go­ing to be on your list of pre­ferred friends for long.

To out­put your footage, head to the “Log” win­dow, right-click the se­quence you want to save, hover over “Ex­port,” and select “Vimeo” or “YouTube.” There’s not much here in the way of com­plex op­tions, but dou­bling up your frame rate may lead to smoother footage when ex­ported. You can, if you wish, en­ter rel­e­vant ac­count de­tails, and au­to­mat­i­cally up­load your footage, but hit­ting “Start” at the bot­tom of the ex­port win­dow and sav­ing it is a more flex­i­ble op­tion. Light­works ren­ders your clip in the back­ground (mean­ing you can keep work­ing on other things), and pops up an alert when it’s done.

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