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Of course, the above method isn’t the only way to make a GIF. In fact, most peo­ple opt for quicker, sim­pler means of turn­ing video into a more share­able for­mat by head­ing to sites such as Gi­phy ( http:// gi­ and Gfy­cat ( http:// gfy­ While there’s noth­ing in­her­ently wrong with ei­ther of those, they are a lit­tle lim­it­ing. In ei­ther case, you can only work with videos that are al­ready hosted on­line, so if you want to use some­thing you shot your­self, you need to up­load on to Face­book or YouTube first. Sec­ondly, you’re only able to set the start and end points by way of edit­ing. If you’re try­ing to con­dense 20 sec­onds or more into a sub-10-sec­ond loop, Gi­phy and Gfy­cat aren’t your friends. There will be oc­ca­sions when all you need is to trim a YouTube video to size, but we think it’s al­ways bet­ter to have that bit ex­tra con­trol.

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