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IT’S FUNNY, but those two tiny pieces of tub­ing are some of the most dif­fi­cult parts to cre­ate. It took around six at­tempts to get them the right length. Too long, and they’ll place too much pres­sure on the PCIe slots, and stop you from us­ing a fixed HB bridge. Too short, and you run the risk of a leak. EK can sell you an FC Ter­mi­nal dual-slot adapter, but you have to know ahead of time which slots you’re us­ing, and it’s an­other $40 on top. To con­nect these two pieces of PETG, we took both the cards out of the moth­er­board, in­stalled the two tubes, then care­fully placed them back into the moth­er­board, be­fore fit­ting the HB bridge again. It took some wig­gling, but it looks a treat.

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