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HERE’S WHAT WE’RE TALK­ING ABOUT. There are two tub­ing runs go­ing from that top ra­di­a­tor, us­ing two T-blocks, to the loop at the bot­tom of the chas­sis. Amaz­ingly, the D5 pumps coolant from the pump, through the DDR4 on the left side, to the CPU, through the other set of DDR4 on the right, down, then back up to the ra­di­a­tor, us­ing the right-hand side tub­ing run, where it cools it, goes back into the left tub­ing run, down, and then back to the pump. Ide­ally, we’d have pre­ferred to use soft tub­ing here, but as it was our last day of shoot­ing, we had no time to or­der some in, al­though it’s def­i­nitely on the cards for a fu­ture up­grade. This was also prior to our cable man­age­ment run, which brings new joy to putting on that side panel.

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