Log­itech G433

Good au­dio per­for­mance, but com­pro­mises made to hit its price point

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YOU’LL EI­THER LOVE the mesh de­sign of Log­itech’s new sur­round sound cans, or you won’t. They’re cer­tainly a strik­ing pair of closed-cup head­phones in any of the four avail­able col­ors. Our test sam­ple came in “triple black,” and while it’s true that Log­itech’s sports mesh de­sign does help to keep the weight down to just 9.14oz, we didn’t no­tice that they were es­pe­cially breath­able. More no­tice­able is the G433’s ten­dency to col­lect and dis­play dust in all those hard-to-reach dim­ples. Also in­cluded are a color-matched carry case and an al­ter­na­tive set of ear pads with a tighter weave, but they, too, have an un­ortho­dox fin­ish. Think faux chamois. They’re slightly more com­fort­able against the ears, and a bit eas­ier to keep clean.

But this isn’t GoodH ouse­keep­ing mag­a­zine, and head­phones are there to push sound into your ears. The G433s are bet­ter at that. Built with 40mm driv­ers just like their fore­fa­thers, the much bulkier G430s, these lightweight cans are ca­pa­ble of pow­er­ful bass, and that’s im­por­tant. But more than that, they de­liver said bass along a rel­a­tively flat fre­quency re­sponse, which means it doesn’t sound dis­torted at high vol­umes, or muddy up the over­all sound. There’s a real alchemy to this, and it’s as much about con­struc­tion ma­te­ri­als as it is about driv­ers—so maybe we’re be­ing harsh on that sports mesh af­ter all. The up­shot is that you don’t need to tweak any EQ set­tings man­u­ally or cy­cle pre­sets for dif­fer­ent ac­tiv­i­ties—gam­ing, mu­sic, and so on—in or­der to get a rich sound. It’s not quite up there with Kingston’s now leg­endary HyperX Cloud, or Sennheiser’s higher-end mod­els, but for $87, the sound can’t be faulted. Sur­round sound, pro­vided dig­i­tally via DTX Head­phone-X, pro­vides a re­ally wide and yet pre­cise sound­scape, which ben­e­fits both games and movies. Dig­i­tal sur­round can be some­thing of a lot­tery, but it works well here.

As we’re see­ing across the head­set mar­ket at the mo­ment, fo­cus on this model, too, has shifted away from gam­ing alone and broad­ens out into a head­set that Log­itech hopes you will use for all your con­soles and mo­bile de­vices, too. That much is ev­i­dent by the to­tal ab­sence of RGB light­ing and tribal mo­tifs, but it’s more tan­gi­ble in the ad­di­tional ca­bles that you’ll find bun­dled in the box. While the DTX Head­phone-X dig­i­tal 7.1 sur­round is only com­pat­i­ble with PCs, the ad­di­tional 4.9-feet cable en­ables you to hook this up to a PS4, Xbox One, or smart­phone as a stereo head­set. As for con­nect­ing to your PC, both USB and 3.5mm op­tions are lav­ished upon you.

So far, so good, then. There’s in­evitably a “but” com­ing, though: There’s a cou­ple of ar­eas in which the G433’s con­ces­sions to a lower price point end up im­pact­ing upon the us­abil­ity to a no­tice­able de­gree. Firstly, the mi­cro­phone. We have no qualms about its sound qual­ity or noise gate, but it’s dif­fi­cult to get along with that non-re­tractable piece of bendy rub­ber it’s at­tached to. It feels like a relic from an al­ready by­gone era of gam­ing head­sets, such is the pace of ad­vance­ment and the wide­spread adop­tion of re­tractable or swing-arm de­signs that don’t in­trude on your pe­riph­eral vi­sion. Our only other gripe is with the in­line re­mote, which is small and lightweight, as per the de­sign brief, but ac­tu­ally quite awk­ward to use. The mic mute but­ton is very stiff and re­quires con­certed ef­fort to op­er­ate, and find­ing the tiny vol­ume scroll wheel takes some prac­tice.

All that nit­pick­ing still leaves two good rea­sons to buy this G433 head­set (twoand-a-half if you’re into the mesh look): good value and solid sound. They’re good boxes to check. If we were build­ing a head­set, we’d make sure it sounded good be­fore adding lux­ury to the in­line re­mote, too. There are no real deal-break­ers in this pack­age, but you should know not to ex­pect lux­ury from the mic or con­trols be­fore mak­ing the pur­chase. –PHIL IWANIUK

Log­itech G433

MESHMERIZING Flat sound; strong sur­round; value.

HOT MESH Ba­sic con­trols. $ 87, www.log­itech.com

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