Build a BitTor­rent Box

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GRAB YOUR­SELF SOME stor­age—an ex­ter­nal hard drive, large USB stick, or sim­i­lar—and hook it up to your Pi, be­cause it’s time to fill it with Linux ISOs and his­tor­i­cal ar­ti­facts from http://ar­ Us­ing a Pi as an al­ways-avail­able tor­rent client makes sense; the pro­to­col is based on shar­ing and avail­abil­ity, but leav­ing your main PC ramp­ing up your elec­tric­ity bill isn’t the right way to go about host­ing that data. Run Rasp­bian, in­stall tor­rent client Trans­mis­sion with sudo apt-get

in­stall trans­mis­sion-dae­mon , then

im­me­di­ately stop it with sudo ser­vice

trans­mis­sion-dae­mon stop , so that we can edit its con­fig­u­ra­tion file. Run

sudo nano /etc/trans­mis­sion

dae­mon/set­tings.json to do so. Find the line that says “rpcwhitelist,” and add a comma after “” fol­lowed by—if your net­work hands out IP ad­dresses in this range—“192.168.1.*” and tweak that ad­dress range if re­quired. Then head to “rpc-au­then­ti­ca­tion-re­quired,” and change its value from “true” to “false.” Exit Nano with Ctrl-X then Y, and run sudo ser­vice trans­mis­sion

dae­mon start to set Trans­mis­sion run­ning again. You should now be able to log in to Trans­mis­sion’s web in­ter­face from any ma­chine on your net­work, by point­ing a browser at, for ex­am­ple,, switch­ing the IP ad­dress for that of your Pi.

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