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MOD­U­LAR POWER SUP­PLIES ARE GREAT for a num­ber of rea­sons. For starters, they re­duce the amount of ca­ble clut­ter in­side your build. They are of­ten higher specced and more ef­fi­cient than their non-mod­u­lar cousins as well, and they tend to be eas­ier to in­stall, too. That said, when in­stalling a PSU like this, you should fig­ure out just what ca­bles you’re go­ing to need to use, then plug them into the PSU while it’s out­side the chas­sis. It’ll save you time and frus­tra­tion in the long run, be­cause there’s noth­ing worse than clip­ping in those con­nec­tors un­der a cramped PSU cover, as in the Meshify C.

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