Asus PA329Q $1,250

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REC­OM­MEND­ING a dis­play is tricky be­cause there are so many sub­jec­tive vari­ables. What may be per­fect for one may not work for you. Gamers, for in­stance, want to pri­or­i­tize the high re­fresh rates and low la­tency of a TN panel over IPS’s color ac­cu­racy and view­ing an­gles, while video edi­tors may pre­fer the higher con­trast ra­tios of VA pan­els.

Most of us want the best of all worlds—which tends to mean IPS pan­els, al­though newer tech is blur­ring these lines. Add in screen sizes, na­tive res­o­lu­tions, FreeSync/ G-Sync, high dy­namic ranges (HDR), and more, and it’s clear that rec­om­mend­ing a screen is dif­fi­cult. We’re still search­ing for the “per­fect” panel at a price we’re com­fort­able with—the Asus PA329Q is great, but at $1,250, it’s not for ev­ery­one.

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