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While the world cheers on 4K, and some man­u­fac­tur­ers have even in­tro­duced 8K dis­plays, a lit­tle detail slipped through HDMI’s of­fi­cial 2.1 spec sheet: It’ll sup­port 10K at 120Hz. The prob­lem is driv­ing that many pix­els. Cur­rent GPUs can usu­ally main­tain 4K at 60fps in cur­rent games, per­haps with a few tweaks to the set­tings. 5K is 78 per­cent more pix­els than 4K, and 10K is four times as many as 5K. Then dou­ble the re­quire­ments again to hit 120fps. That would be over 14 times as many pix­els as 4K, or 55 times as many as 1080p. If we as­sume an in­crease in GPU per­for­mance of 30 per­cent per year, it will take 10 years be­fore GPUs can han­dle 10K pan­els at 120fps in games. Your grand­kids will love it.

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