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Ap­prox­i­mate Price: $704

THE MEMORYPOCALYPSE has reared its ugly head again. Our Ryzen­com­pat­i­ble DDR4, which gave us a sav­ing last is­sue of $3, has leapt in price by a wor­ry­ing $30. The world needs more RAM, dammit, and soon. We’re not just go­ing to sit here and take this goug­ing—we’re go­ing to com­plain about it. But, equally, we can’t let mem­ory tell us what to do, so we’re stick­ing with our re­cent switch to an eas­ily up­graded Ryzen 3 setup, the chip of which you may be able to pick up for 10 or so bucks less if you check on the right day. To make up a lit­tle of the cash ab­sorbed by that RAM, we tossed out our old MSI 1050 Ti GPU, and dropped in an equiv­a­lent su­per­clocked EVGA ver­sion that’s $5 cheaper. Then we cursed at the out-of-stock L5 LITE SSD, which forced us to switch to its 3D ver­sion, and that cost an ex­tra $7 on top. So, our bud­get sys­tem is less bud­get than be­fore, but that’s still a hell of a ma­chine for the price.

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