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I have not seen the removal of Safe Mode from the Fall Cre­ators Up­date men­tioned any­where. Am I the only one who has no­ticed?

I re­cently plugged in a sec­ond Blue­tooth re­ceiver by mis­take, and then things went down­hill. The PC got stuck in an end­less boot loop, from which I could not re­cover. In try­ing to boot into Safe Mode to at­tempt the removal of any bad or cor­rupt driv­ers, I could find no way to do so— not from a re­cov­ery me­dia or the in­stall me­dia.

What is one sup­posed to do if they need Safe Mode? I ended up do­ing a com­plete re­in­stall, los­ing all my ac­ti­vated soft­ware.

– Lee Boszak

EX­EC­U­TIVE ED­I­TOR ALAN DEXTER RE­SPONDS: Safe Mode is still present, though it has shifted around quite a bit in re­cent re­leases of Win­dows, so I’m not at all sur­prised that you think it’s dis­ap­peared. To find it, type “Safe” into the Start menu to open the Re­cov­ery op­tions page in the Win­dows Set­tings panel. Here you’ll find two sec­tions: “Re­set this PC” and “Ad­vanced Startup.” Click the but­ton ti­tled “Restart now” un­der “Ad­vanced Startup,” and then, after a re­boot, press 4 to start Safe Mode. If you’re hav­ing prob­lems get­ting into Win­dows in the first place, re­boot­ing your ma­chine three times by hold­ing down the power but­ton

forc­ing Win­dows to get to the same screen.

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