Nvidia’s spe­cial edition Ti­tan laid bare


WE’VE BEEN GIVEN a to­tal of 160 words to write about this GPU—that’s just 160 words to wax lyri­cal about ar­guably the most pow­er­ful con­sumer graph­ics card of the day. Look past the lightsaber styling that adorns the shroud of this bar­barous cre­ation, and what you’re left with is the full might of the Pas­cal ar­chi­tec­ture. It rep­re­sents the height of what Nvidia is ca­pa­ble of pro­duc­ing to­day: 12 bil­lion tran­sis­tors line the heart of this sil­i­con, mas­ter­fully crafted to pro­duce no fewer than 3,840 CUDA cores. All fir­ing away and ren­der­ing poly­gons at a rate far greater than any graph­ics card that has gone be­fore.

But we’ve al­ready seen that. We first met the Ti­tan Xp in April 2017. This is some­thing else, though. A layer of lux­ury etched into the skin of an in­domitable gi­ant. A col­lec­tor’s edition, lim­ited in num­ber, grand in scope, a mem­ber of sci-fi roy­alty, un­til the next generation be­comes mas­ter.

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