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A dis­play of all the in­for­ma­tion in your im­age, run­ning from dark on the left to light on the right, a his­togram is a quick way to iden­tify whether your im­age is well ex­posed. Peaks bunched up at ei­ther end sig­nify an im­age with large dark or light por­tions, and those that van­ish off the edge are clipped to pure white or black, with no de­tail dis­cernible in them by even the keen­est eye. Ad­just­ments such as “Lev­els” or “Curves” can be seen work­ing on the his­togram, as their ef­fect is to change the po­si­tion of tones. In­crease the bright­ness of an im­age dra­mat­i­cally, and you’ll see the peaks bunch up at the right-hand side. A well-ex­posed im­age has data in al­most ev­ery part of the his­togram, with a smooth curve peak­ing in the mid­dle con­sid­ered ideal.

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