Ones to watch from the forth­com­ing bumper PC gam­ing crop


The com­ing year prom­ises to of­fer an­other bumper har­vest for PC gam­ing, so al­low us to sort the wheat from the chaff as we gather to­gether the ones to watch.

YOU CAN AC­CUSE THE GAMES IN­DUS­TRY of many things—and peo­ple do, just look on the In­ter­net—but never of stay­ing the same. It’s an en­ter­tain­ment medium in con­stant flux, at once re­fin­ing pop­u­lar ideas and em­brac­ing bleed­ing-edge tech­nol­ogy that might fa­cil­i­tate new ones. You wouldn’t al­ways know it by the ul­tra-safe pa­rade of triple-A games that flaunt their stuff at the big shows ev­ery year, fo­cus-grouped to within an inch of their lives, but it’s true nonethe­less.

Last year’s big­gest game was a mod based on a mod, which turned into an Early Ac­cess phe­nom­e­non.

PUBG was as non-tra­di­tional a path to star­dom as it gets, and 2018 prom­ises more sur­prise hits, more genre-chang­ers com­ing in from the left field, and even some brave and am­bi­tious ti­tles from the big triple-A studios. The oth­er­worldly weird­ness of Hideo Ko­jima’s DeathS­trand­ing, EA’s in­die-on-a-block­buster-bud­get AWayOut,

an ac­tual Mon­sterHunter game on PC, and a lov­ing ren­o­va­tion of Ageof Em­pires all await us over the next 12 months. But will they be the ones we re­mem­ber? Any one of the fol­low­ing up­com­ing ti­tles might be the one that changes the in­dus­try, eats our free time, and be­comes an all-time clas­sic. Just wait and see.

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