First-Time Builder Cus­tom Re­store PSU Stan­dards


plenty of mechanical stor­age should al­low you to duck in un­der $700.

Have It Your Way

Hello, Doc­tor. I’ve been an avid reader and sub­scriber to the magazine since 1998. Keep it go­ing. Now, my ques­tion: I have a cus­tom-built desk­top run­ning Win­dows 10 Fall Cre­ators Up­date. How do I go about build­ing my own cus­tom re­store/re­fresh im­age? Thank you in ad­vance.

– Orlando Adames

THE DOC­TOR RE­SPONDS: The Jan­uary 2018 is­sue of Max­i­mumPC ex­plained how to cre­ate a cus­tom­ized re­cov­ery disc with AIOMEI PE Builder 2.0, en­abling you to roll por­ta­ble tools and driv­ers into a pack­age for re­cov­er­ing or re­in­stalling Win­dows.

Or, if you’re look­ing to build in­stall me­dia that in­cludes your fa­vorite ap­pli­ca­tions by de­fault, check out Mi­crosoft’s on­line man­ual dis­cussing push-but­ton re­set un­der the Win­dows Re­cov­ery En­vi­ron­ment ( It’s an OEM-cen­tric process that in­volves sev­eral Mi­crosoft Win­dows Assess­ment and De­ploy­ment Kit com­po­nents, plus a sep­a­rate PC that has at least 100GB of free space.

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