Maximum PC - - BUILDER’S BI­BLE -

For less than $4, this is one of the few liq­uids that won’t kill your hard­ware if it gets on it—99 per­cent al­co­hol is fan­tas­tic for clean­ing off cruddy ther­mal paste, and is gen­er­ally a good clean­ing agent to get rid of smudges on al­most any­thing (alu­minum in­cluded). Just don’t rub it on soft plas­tic stick­ers and the like. Or in­hale it. Or get it on your skin. Or try to drink it. Se­ri­ously. Just be care­ful. SCREW­DRIVER & SOCKET SET A de­cent set of screw­drivers will make builds far eas­ier. Get a good kit with a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent sizes. Whether it’s torque screws, tiny M.2 screws, stand­offs, Allen screws, or even pro­pri­etary hex screws on the back of GPUs (here’s look­ing at you Nvidia), a good set will cost you about $40, but po­ten­tially last a life­time.


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