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WE HAD A LONG CHAT with Cooler Mas­ter about what kind of cool­ing we should use for this build, and it was a toss-up be­tween these two lit­tle beau­ties: On the left is the ML240L RGB all-in-one; the one on the right is the Mas­ter Air MA610P with RGB con­troller (think of it as a slightly more pre­mium vari­ant of the Hy­per 212 Evo). Both are swanky, but with con­cerns over the Core i7-8700K be­ing per­haps a lit­tle too hot-headed when clocked any higher than stock, we opted for the AIO. That said, an­other air-cooled build is def­i­nitely on the cards soon, be­cause they look so good when done right.

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