BootRacer ( bootracer) has be­come our go-to app for man­ag­ing startup. Not only does it en­able you to see which pro­grams are launch­ing with Win­dows, but it times ev­ery­thing, too, en­abling you to keep an eye on the boot process, and giv­ing you a heads-up should some re­sources-ap­ping pro­gram sud­denly insert it­self into the startup process. Here’s a quick run­down of its key fea­tures.

1. Time Your Start

The first thing BootRacer does is mea­sure your start time, from the mo­ment your PC is switched on un­til your startup apps fin­ish load­ing. This helps you iden­tify bot­tle­necks at dif­fer­ent points of the process, so you can tar­get your trou­bleshoot­ing.

2. De­layed Start

BootRacer also in­serts a de­lay of 10 sec­onds to the startup process, to give Win­dows a chance to fin­ish­ing load­ing be­fore any startup pro­grams are launched. This helps stop your PC be­ing over­whelmed by de­mands for sys­tem re­sources.

3. Stag­gered Load­ing

BootRacer also loads pro­grams in se­quence, one af­ter the other—again, to bal­ance the de­mands on your PC. Click the three-line “ham­burger” but­ton to re­veal a list of all the pro­grams that are load­ing, along with their re­spec­tive startup times.

4. Man­age Apps

Click “Startup Con­trol” from the main pro­gram to man­age startup pro­grams. You can dis­able or delete them from here, and re­ar­range their run­ning or­der—for ex­am­ple, to get your faster-load­ing pro­grams launched first.

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