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DOSBox is ca­pa­ble of emulating the IPX (In­ter­net Pack­age Ex­change Pro­to­col), which was used for play­ing net­work games in clas­sics such as Doom and Quake. In sim­plest terms, one com­puter acts as the games server to which other play­ers can then con­nect. To get started, open the file “C:\Pro­gram Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74 Op­tions.bat” to ac­cess the DOSBox con­fig­u­ra­tion. Scroll down to ipx=false and change it to true to en­able IPX.

Next, open DOSBox on the ma­chine you want to use as a server, and run the com­mand ipxnet start­server . Ask each of the play­ers on your lo­cal net­work to launch DOSBox and run the com­mand ipxnet con­nect <ip> , where “ip” is the lo­cal IP ad­dress of the server. In Win­dows 10, you can find this by open­ing the Start menu, and search­ing for “Eth­er­net.” Se­lect your net­work name from the menu. A win­dow opens dis­play­ing your IPv4 ad­dress un­der “Prop­er­ties.” You should now be able to host a match us­ing the in-game op­tions.

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