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FOR THIS BUILD, we’re flip­ping things on their head by in­stalling the moth­er­board first. We in­stalled our Wraith Prism cooler out­side the chas­sis first, along with the mem­ory, then in­stalled the moth­er­board di­rectly into the case, be­fore the PSU. Things are a lit­tle tight in this chas­sis, so get­ting the mobo in first is of para­mount im­por­tance. The Shift also comes with a PCIe riser cable, which needs plug­ging in to your PCIe slot. It’s re­mov­able, and you can shift the po­si­tion of this to the other side, but more on that later. Also, that Phanteks logo just above the rub­ber grom­mets? That’s ac­tu­ally a ro­tat­ing bracket, se­cured by mag­nets that you can ro­tate down, which makes in­stalling your ca­bles a lit­tle eas­ier. Neat, huh?

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