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In this age of dirt-cheap HDTVs, you might think there can be only one win­ner. Af­ter all, how do you ar­gue with some­thing like a cheapo 40-inch 4K TV on sale for some­thing ridicu­lous like $300? In terms of ab­so­lute wal­lop for your wal­let, you don’t. How­ever, the af­ford­abil­ity of the lat­est HDTVs hap­pily has a knock-on ef­fect for the PC mon­i­tor mar­ket as a whole.

For in­stance, there are sev­eral mon­i­tors that are es­sen­tially 4K TVs repack­aged and fit­ted out with elec­tron­ics more suit­able for PCs. Such screens are far cheaper than they oth­er­wise would be, thanks to the huge vol­umes in which those big HDTV pan­els are cranked out. More gen­er­ally, HDTV pro­duc­tion on an epic scale pushes down the price of LCD panel tech, and has shifted ex­pec­ta­tions when it comes to the res­o­lu­tions of cheaper screens. In short, 4K has be­come the norm thanks to HDTVs, not PC mon­i­tors.

As for pro­jec­tors, they don’t re­ally get a look in when it comes to value. Big, bold, and cin­e­matic they may well be, but when even the cheap­est true 4K pro­jec­tor costs thou­sands of dol­lars, a beamer isn’t even in the run­ning when it comes to bang for buck. Win­ner: HDTV

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