PRO­CES­SORS GET HOT, which means you need to cool them. We’re us­ing the stock fan In­tel pro­vides with its non-un­locked pro­ces­sors. It’s more than enough to keep our build happy. Usu­ally, we’d ap­ply a small dot (half a pea size) of ther­mal paste in the mid­dle of the pro­ces­sor be­fore at­tach­ing a cooler of some de­scrip­tion. How­ever, in this build, the stock In­tel cooler has ther­mal paste preap­plied to the bot­tom. Sim­ply re­move the plas­tic cover on the heatsink, line up the four pegs on each cor­ner of the fan with the holes in the mother­board sur­round­ing the CPU socket, and push them into place. Once there, ro­tate the pegs coun­ter­clock­wise to lock it in place. Then run the CPU fan ca­ble to a PWM fan header on the mother­board. These look like four pins, and are usu­ally la­beled. We rec­om­mend you in­stall this into the CPU one. There’s a notch on the ca­ble to stop you plug­ging it in the wrong way, and you may need to re­move the ca­ble from the clips hold­ing it on to the CPU fan to reach around the other way, as we have here.


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