Funny busi­ness

McIvor Times - - RABBIT STEW - 2. 3. 4.

A col­lec­tion of hu­mor­ous ac­tual busi­ness names:

Butt Sweets & Bak­ers, (Pak­istan).

Junk & Dis­or­derly, (se­cond-hand store in Auck­land, NZ).

Heuertz & Mo­nen At­tor­neys at Law, (Ore­gon, USA).

Trivia chal­lenge

Nor­mal adult dogs have how many teeth? a. 24, b. 38, c. 42, or d. 32.

Pup­pies are born how many weeks af­ter con­cep­tion? a. 36, b. 22, c. 9 or d. 16.

What kind of dog did the TV Se­ries de­tec­tive Columbo have? a. Basset Hound, b. Bea­gle, c. Blood­hound or d. Boxer.

What dog breed was once called St. John's New­found­land? a. Eng-

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