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When it comes to a recipe for a dis­as­ter, some peo­ple thrive on be­ing the main in­gre­di­ent.

Did you know?

In 1879, cats were used for a mail ser­vice in Liege, Bel­gium. 37 cats were used to carry bun­dles of let­ters to vil­lages within a 30km ra­dius of the city cen­tre. Not sur­pris­ingly, the ex­per­i­ment failed as the cats proved to be undis­ci­plined and un­re­li­able!


The re­flec­tion of a clock face ap­pears to show the time as 2.30. What time is it re­ally?

Silly signs

Seen some­where in Asia: den with Curled Poo.”

Also seen some­where in Asia: “Dy­ing right here is strictly pro­hib­ited.” “Gar-

News­pa­per hu­mour

Seen in the clas­si­fieds: “An­tique Desk Suit­able for lady with thick legs and large draw­ers...”

“Ocean con­di­tions per­fect for bot­tom grab­bers.”


Real words with mod­ern-day mean­ings:

“Poor” (adj): Hav­ing too much month at the end of your money.

Trivia challenge

1. Which coun­try was the first to adopt post­codes in 1942? a. Aus­tralia, b. France, c. USA or d. Ger­many.

2. The first postage stamp ever is­sued con­tained an im­age of Queen Vic­to­ria’s face. What was it called? a. Penny Dread­ful, b. Penny Black, c. Penny Farthing or d. Penny Royal.

3. Some­one who col­lects postage stamps and/or stud­ies them is for­mally re­ferred to as a what? a. Philatelist, b. Phillu­menist, c. Scripophilist or d. Del­ti­ol­o­gist.

4. The very first na­tional stamp re­leased in Aus­tralia in 1913 fea­tured which an­i­mal with a map of Aus­tralia in the back­ground? a. Emu, b. Platy­pus, c. Kan­ga­roo, or d. Koala.

5. Which is the only coun­try that does not fea­ture its name on its postage stamps? a. Italy, b. The first birth­day party for the Heath­cote Gum­nut Guides was de­scribed as an out­stand­ing suc­cess in the May 1995 news­pa­per re­port. A full unit of girls at­tended and North Cen­tral re­gion com­mis­sioner Jean Goodridge pre­sented each girl with a spe­cial badge. Guide leader Sue Bier was a guest and joined in the fes­tiv­i­ties along with gum­nut leader Carol McLel­lan, as­sis­tant Leah Kelly punched the lo­cal dough at the cor­ner bak­ery...

The July meet­ing of the Heath­cote Mu­si­cal So­ci­ety, held at the home of Mr and Mrs J McHarg, at­tracted a record num­ber of mem­bers and friends, with vis­i­tors from Kil­more, Bendigo and El­more.

A let­ter tabled at the last meet­ing of the McIvor Coun­cil and re­ceived with some ex­pres­sions of sat­is­fac­tion, con­tained an in­ti­ma­tion from the Coun­try Roads Board that it was pre­pared to make a grant towards the con­struc­tion of the Moorabbee Fore­shore Road at Lake Ep­palock.

Af­ter the Sec­onds foot­ball match at Heath­cote on Satur­day, cen­tral um­pire B Lons­dale re­ported J Fran­cis of the Rush­worth club for swear­ing. The McIvor Times & Rod­ney Ad­ver­tiser, Au­gust 16, 1917 Gray­town: Af­ter the heavy rain on Fri­day last, the Ma­jor's creek was in high flood, and be­fore day­light over three hun­dred cross­bred wean­ers be­long­ing to Mr W Crossle were hemmed-in on an is­land near Messrs O'Con­nor Bros place. Mr Wm O'Con­nor in­formed the owner of the plight his sheep were in, and he, with sev­eral men, pro­ceeded to the res­cue. With the aid of Messrs John, James and W OCon­nor, who had a boat handy, the work of res­cue was com­menced. About five o'clock in the evening the last of the sheep were placed on safe ground. It was only by the great en­ergy of the will­ing work­ers that Mr Crossle was saved a con­sid­er­able loss. The Iast of the sheep re­moved were up to their bel­lies in the water when their turn for a sea trip ar­rived. It is com­mon knowl­edge in this neigh­bour­hood that when there is a flood, a bush fire or any other un­to­ward event, that the OCon­nors are, if not the first to ren­der as­sis­tance, they are al­ways there.

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and guide helpers Ebony McLel­lan and El­iz­a­beth Weaver and the birth­day cake was do­nated by Eva Hicks.

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