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An orig­i­nal recipe for read­ing en­joy­ment from the McIvor Times. Dic­tionary def­i­ni­tion: RAB­BIT STEW (rab’it’ ste-oo) A healthy con­coc­tion us­ing a sat­is­fy­ing ba­sic in­gre­di­ent, mixed with whatever else is on hand. Pop­u­lar with coun­try peo­ple.

Sticker of the week

Af­ter spend­ing any amount of time on so­cial me­dia, you can un­der­stand why they need to print “Do Not Eat” on those sil­ica pack­ets.

Did you know?

Af­ter a fe­male Em­peror Pen­guin lays an egg, the male spends an in­cred­i­ble 65 days without food, pro­tect­ing it from the freez­ing Antarc­tic con­di­tions by balanc­ing it on top of his feet where it is covered and kept warm by his belly.


Can you solve the fol­low­ing re­bus?

“esgg sgeg gegs gsge”.

Silly signs

Seen in France: “Thank you not to get stones thrown at our little frogs and to catch them nei­ther?? Thanks for them.” Seen in China: “Re­li­gion Free

DVD Player.”

News­pa­per hu­mour

Ac­tual head­line: “Deputy shoots res­i­dent with knife.”

Seen in the news: “De­spite the oc­ca­sional dis­cov­ery of a dead body, of­fi­cials say the Cook County For­est Pre­serve is a safe place to hold fam­ily events and com­mune with nature.”


Real words with mod­ern-day mean­ings:

“Feet” (n): A de­vice used for find­ing Lego bricks in the dark.

Trivia chal­lenge

1. A float cham­ber is found in what part of a car: a. Fuel tank; b. Car­bu­ret­tor; c. Steer­ing wheel; or d. Air-bag? b. Car­bu­ret­tor.

2. Name the com­po­nent of an en­gine that opens and closes the valves on an over­head valve en­gine? a. Camshaft; b. Pis­ton; c. Crankshaft; or d. Ex­haust. a. Camshaft.

3. What en­gine com­po­nent al­lows the left­over gasses from com­bus­tion to es­cape the en­gine? a. Har­monic bal­ancer; b. Al­ter­na­tor; c. Ex­haust; or d. Fan belt. c. Ex­haust.

4. What is the name of the ap­pendage to an en­gine that charges the bat­tery? a. Al­ter­na­tor; b. Starter mo­tor; c. Dis­trib­u­tor; or d. Res­onator. a. Al­ter­na­tor.

5. The dis­trib­u­tor cap con­trols what func­tion? a. Lu­bri­ca­tion dis­tri­bu­tion; b. Cool­ing dis­tri­bu­tion; c. Spark dis­tri­bu­tion; or d. Power dis­tri­bu­tion. c. Spark dis­tri­bu­tion.

Recipe of the week

Co­conut Rough In­gre­di­ents: 1 cup flour 1/2 cup CSR White Sugar 3/4 cup co­conut 125 g but­ter 1 tsp bak­ing pow­der 2 tsp co­coa Top­ping: 25 g but­ter 1/2 tin con­densed milk 1 cup CSR Pure Ic­ing Sugar 1 cup co­conut 2 tsp co­coa 1/2 tsp vanilla essence Method: 1. Cream but­ter and sugar, add dry in­gre­di­ents (can be quite crumbly) 2. Press into a tin. 3. Bake 180 de­grees for 10 min­utes. Top­ping: 4. Melt but­ter and con­densed milk to­gether.

5. Add ic­ing sugar, co­conut, co­coa and vanilla essence and mix well 6. Spread over base while hot. 7. Set in fridge. Source: CSR Sugar.

Mys­tery movie

Can you work out the ti­tle of this Mel Gib­son movie re­lease from the fol­low­ing clue?

“Drac­ula’s favourite pa­ter­fa­mil­ias.”

Odd spot

Never, ever, up­set a farmer who has ac­cess to a ma­nure spreader. That is the les­son learnt the hard way by a US Cus­toms and Bor­der Pro­tec­tion of­fi­cer re­cently af­ter he had a run-in with a dis­grun­tled farmer in Ver­mont. Ap­par­ently, the farmer con­fronted the of­fi­cer and ac­cused him and his col­leagues of not do­ing enough to stop il­le­gal im­mi­grants from en­ter­ing the US and steal­ing jobs from lo­cals. And to prove the pro­fun­dity of his anger the farmer hopped in his trac­tor, po­si­tioned it per­fectly and en­gaged the PTO to force his ma­nure spreader to spray a wave of liqui­fied poo all over the of­fi­cer’s ve­hi­cle!

The way we were

10 years ago The McIvor Times, Au­gust 29,

2007 Heathcote's equine fra­ter­nity can breathe a sigh of re­lief, with the threat of equine in­fluenza eas­ing across Victoria.

Victoria Po­lice work bans im­ple­mented yes­ter­day will af­fect all Heathcote po­lice staff. Po­lice from re­gion three, which in­cludes Heathcote and Bendigo, will take part in in­dus­trial ac­tion de­spite the risk of hav­ing their pay docked.

Heathcote po­lice are in­ves­ti­gat­ing the theft of un­der­wear from a High St, Heathcote, prop­erty on the week­end. Sergeant Jamie Ward, of Heathcote po­lice, said he be­lieved the theft was the re­sult of a prac­ti­cal joke by a group of young "out-of town­ers". 25 years ago The McIvor Times, Au­gust 26,

1992 An act of “gross stu­pid­ity” was car­ried out on Satur­day night in Heathcote … Am­bu­lance of­fi­cer Danny Lumby was called out at 2am Satur­day night and was pro­ceed­ing down High Street when he was con­fronted by sand bags placed across the high­way.

Parish­ioners were thrilled to move back into St Johns on Sun­day af­ter an ab­sence of three weeks while ren­o­va­tions were un­der­taken. The paint­ing of the com­plete in­te­rior of the church in­clud­ing the 35 end walls was un­der­taken by a small group of vol­un­teers … Dur­ing the ren­o­va­tion, two new tre­foil win­dows high above the al­tar and sanc­tu­ary were opened and glazed by Neil Boxshall to al­low more light into the church. The tiled floor of the church was ex­ten­sively re­paired by Fred Hicks and Pat Taylor…

Heathcote is un­likely to have ac­cess to any au­to­matic teller ma­chines for the fore­see­able future ac­cord­ing to all three banks who of­fered ten­ders for the McIvor Shire banking re­cently.

50 years ago The McIvor Times, Au­gust 29,

1967 The at­ten­dance at the Heathcote Foot­ball Club’s ball last Fri­day night was not up to ex­pec­ta­tion, but nev­er­the­less it was a suc­cess­ful and pleas­ant evening. Miss Shirley Taylor was se­lected Belle of the Ball. She is now el­i­gi­ble to com­pete at the League’s Belle of Belles Ball at Col­binab­bin in Septem­ber. Shirley was at­tired in a lip­stick pink em­pire line gown with float­ing pan­els and looked very de­mure ... Mrs Smith, wife of Heathcote Foot­ball Club Pres­i­dent Alan, pre­sented the “Belle” with the McIvor Times sash...

100 years ago

The McIvor Times & Rodney Ad­ver­tiser, Au­gust 30, 1917 “Chips” by Broad Axe: When tak­ing my usual Sun­day af­ter­noon ram­ble I found my­self down in the Old Cricket Re­serve gaz­ing at the won­drous beauty of the trees Mr Rankin wasn't al­lowed to plant ... A youth, a lost bike and po­lice­man en­acted a com­edy in Heathcote last Fri­day morn­ing. The farce be­gan when the youth got up on Fri­day morn­ing and dis­cov­ered his bike was not in its usual place on the veran­dah. The fam­ily held a con­fer­ence and de­cided it was a case for the cop­per. A mes­sen­ger was despatched and the po­lice­man came on the scene. Af­ter se­cur­ing much in­for­ma­tion and study­ing many foot-prints be went forth to find the thief. And it was dur­ing his ab­sence it was dis­cov­ered the youth had left his bike in front of a local-store on the pre­vi­ous day, so crest­fallen he went down and brought it home … Some sport went out some time ago to bring in a load of house-wood for his own use. He put in a hard day's work split­ting up stumps, etc., af­ter which he loaded his cart and set out for home. Upon reach­ing the race­course he found that, owing to the bad state of the roads, it was im­pos­si­ble to go any fur­ther, so he propped the cart up and went home. A cou­ple of days af­ter he went back to get it, but found some­one had been be­fore him.

Mr A B Kemp, the well-known local breeder of sheep dogs, swept all be­fore him at the Wagga trial on Thurs­day last, when he an­nexed the first, sec­ond and third prizes with Scott, Chief and Dodger re­spec­tively.

At the an­nual meet­ing of the Heathcote Ladies' Pa­tri­otic, Red Cross and Local Sick and Wounded Sol­dier's League, Mrs G T Kil­roy made ref­er­ence to the good work done by the sec­re­tary, Miss M D Thomas; also, her un­tir­ing ef­forts and ca­pa­ble work for the ben­e­fit of the League, and the sol­diers' wel­fare gen­er­ally. Mrs Kil­roy then pre­sented her with a sil­ver man­i­cure set, which was sub­scribed by the mem­bers of the com­mit­tee, as a small taken show­ing the ap­pre­ci­a­tion of the work she had done.

Have a laugh

A Fa­ther’s Day Joke: The King and Queen Potato were dis­cussing po­ten­tial suit­ors for their daugh­ter, Princess Potato when she ap­proached them and said: “Mum, Dad, I’ve found some­one, we’re in love and in­tend to be mar­ried!” The King and Queen were shocked but at the same time, very ex­cited. “Who is it, dear?” asked Queen Potato. “Den­nis Cometti,” the princess gushed. “Den­nis Cometti?” King Potato, sniffed de­ri­sively. “But he’s just a com­men­ta­tor!”

Quote of the week

"Some­times the poor­est man leaves his chil­dren the rich­est in­her­i­tance." — Ruth E Renkel.


Brain­teaser: Scram­bled eggs. Trivia: 1. b. Car­bu­ret­tor; 2. a. Camshaft; 3. c. Ex­haust; 4. a. Al­ter­na­tor; 5. c. Spark dis­tri­bu­tion. Mys­tery Movie: Blood Fa­ther.

❏ Heathcote Pri­mary School staff in 1982. Pic­tured (l-r) are Trevor Hy­land (Vice Prin­ci­pal), Ross An­der­son (Prin­ci­pal), Carol Stu­art and Ian Perry. Photo: Carol Stu­art via Face­book. Do you have a photo for Rab­bit Stew? If so, we would re­ally love to...

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