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1. The dis­or­der "rick­ets" is most com­monly caused by a de­fi­ciency of which vi­ta­min: a. Vi­ta­min C, b. Vi­ta­min B, c. Vi­ta­min E or d. Vi­ta­min D?

2. What is the name of the dis­ease caused by a de­fi­ciency of Vi­ta­min C: a. Scurvy, b. Anaemia, c. Rick­ets or d. Beriberi.

3. Rarely heard of to­day, hav­ing a diet al­most ex­clu­sively re­stricted to which veg­etable can cause a dis­ease known as Pel­la­gra: a. Po­ta­toes, b. Corn, c. Car­rots or d. Pumpkin?

4. An in­jec­tion of which vi­ta­min is of­ten given to new­borns in hos­pi­tal: a. Vi­ta­min A, b. Vi­ta­min B2, c. Vi­ta­min E or d. Vi­ta­min K.

5. A de­fi­ciency of Vi­ta­min A can cause which af­flic­tion: a. Night blind­ness (nyc­talopia), b. Pins and nee­dles (paraes­the­sia), c. Bad breath (Hal­i­to­sis), or d. Bur­si­tis.

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