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A young mother scep­ti­cally ex­am­ined a new ed­u­ca­tional toy. ‘‘Isn’t it rather com­pli­cated for a small boy?’’ she asked the sales assistant. ‘‘It’s de­signed to teach the child how to live in to­day’s world, madam,’’ the sales assistant replied. ‘‘Any way he tries to put it to­gether is wrong.’’

A heav­ily preg­nant woman is in­volved in a se­ri­ous car ac­ci­dent and is placed into a deep coma for two months. When she awak­ens in hos­pi­tal the doc­tor in­forms her that her twins were de­liv­ered by cae­sarean while she was still in a coma. “You had a bounc­ing baby boy and gor­geous baby girl!” he an­nounces proudly. Re­cov­er­ing from shock, the woman looks around the hos­pi­tal room con­fused. “But, where are my ba­bies?” she asks. “Your brother has been look­ing af­ter them,” the doc­tor ex­plains. “Oh dear,” the woman laments, “Not Billy Bob! What did he name them?” The doc­tor looks down at the woman’s chart. “I be­lieve he named the baby girl Denise.” The woman lets out a sigh of re­lief. “Okay, I sup­pose that’s not too bad. And what about the boy?” The doc­tor shifts un­com­fort­ably on his feet as he reads from the chart: “Denephew”.

An em­bar­rass­ing Mum story: “I was wear­ing a long scarf one day while get­ting my baby ready to go out. Right be­fore we got in the car, I wrapped one side of the scarf around my neck think­ing, Wow, look at me, still stylish with a twom­onth-old. Lit­tle did I know that one of my daugh­ter's nap­pies (un­used, thank­fully) had stuck to the scarf and was dan­gling down my back! I walked around like that un­til some­one kindly said, "Ma'am, I think you've lost some­thing." — Kim­berly Morse, Jack­sonville, FL

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