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A TO­TAL of 83 men and 13 ladies played a sta­ble­ford event at the Axedale Golf Club on Satur­day, spon­sored by Bendigo Brake and Front End. Men’s sta­ble­ford In first di­vi­sion, for hand­i­caps of 0-13, the win­ner was Peter Wil­liamson (10 h/c, 37 points). The run­ner-up was Rod Con­nelly (13 h/c, 35 points). Third place went to Max Ket­tle (11 h/c, 34 points) on a count­back.

In di­vi­sion two, for hand­i­caps of 14-17, the win­ner was Brett Moore (16 h/c, 35 points). The run­ner-up was Len Rodda (17 h/c, 34 points) from third place win­ner Jock Catto (14 h/c, 33 points) on a count­back.

In di­vi­sion three, for hand­i­caps of 18-22, the win­ner was John Mur­doch (20 h/c, 38 points). The run­ner-up was David Stephens (20 h/c, 37 points) while Alan Darby fin­ished third (19 h/c, 36 points).

In di­vi­sion four, for hand­i­caps of 23-36, the win­ner was Ian Ed­wards (23 h/c, 37 points). The run­ner-up was Geoff Wal­dron (31 h/c, 35 points) on a count­back from Sid Spof­forth (26 h/c, 35 points). Ball win­ners: Kevin Craw­ford (34), David Robins (34), Ernie Lown­des (34), Glenn Laity (34), David Yum (34) and Geoff Wil­liams (34).

Ladies sta­ble­ford

In the ladies event, di­vi­sion one for hand­i­caps of 0-26, the win­ner was An­nette Holmes (23 h/c, 35 points), from run­ner-up Robyn Weeks (24 h/c, 32 points).

In di­vi­sion two for hand­i­caps of 27-45, the win­ner was Anne McManus (44 h/c, 32 points) from run­ner-up Mau­reen Con­nelly (28 h/c, 31 points). Near­est the pins 1st hole — di­vi­sion one: Mick Pur­don; di­vi­sion two: Rick Man­ley.

3rd hole, 2nd shot — di­vi­sion one: Max Ket­tle; di­vi­sion two: Ernie Lown­des.

6th hole — open: Stephen Jeffrey.

16th hole — Su­per­pin: Rus­sell McGib­bon.

18th hole — di­vi­sion one: Grant Lane; di­vi­sion two: Wayne Blume. Other high­lights Birdie Ball: John Ran­dles. A GROUP of 40 men took part in a 4BBB sta­ble­ford event on Thurs­day, May 10, spon­sored by Cen­tral Vic­to­rian Tro­phies.

The win­ners were Peter An­drew and Andy Wat­son (46 nett).

Run­ners-up were Paul Pyke and Bill An­drea (44 nett).

Ball win­ners: John Ran­dles and John Mur­doch 43; Mick Pur­don and Rod Con­nelly 42; David Yum and John Gel­dart 42 on a count­back. Near­est the pins: 1st hole — di­vi­sion one: Paul Pyke; di­vi­sion two: Mark Kes­per.

3rd hole, 2nd shot — di­vi­sion one: Terry McManus; di­vi­sion two: David Yum.

6th hole — (Open): Rick Man­ley.

18th hole — di­vi­sion one: Garry Harrop; di­vi­sion two: Eric Rogers. Long­est drive: John Tay­lor. Long­est putt: John Ran­dles. En­cour­age­ment Award: Di­vi­sion one: Damien Hur­rell and John Tay­lor.

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