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A TO­TAL of 92 men played a stroke event on Satur­day, while 20 ladies took part in a stable­ford at the Axedale Golf Club. The day’s golf was spon­sored by Aussie Dis­pos­als Bendigo. Men’s Stroke: In divi­sion one for hand­i­caps of 0-14, the win­ner was Garry Har­rop (82 gross, 13 h/c, 69 nett). The run­ner-up was Fred Kath (78 gross, 8 h/c, 70 nett). Third place went to Glenn Laity (80 gross, 9 h/c, 71 nett) on a count­back.

In divi­sion two for hand­i­caps of 15-17, the win­ner was Keiran Ni­hill (82 gross, 17 h/c, 65 nett). The run­ner-up was Shel­don Carter (83 gross, 15 h/c, 68 nett), while third place went to John Miller (85 gross, 16 h/c, 69 nett).

In divi­sion three for hand­i­caps of 18 to 22, the win­ner was John Tor­ney (86 gross, 19 h/c, 67 nett). The run­ner-up was Mark Kes­per (90 gross, 21 h/c, 69 nett), with David Stephens com­ing third (91 gross, 20 h/c, 71 nett).

In divi­sion four for hand­i­caps of 23-36, the win­ner was David Purdy (104 gross, 36 h/c, 68 nett) on a count­back from Ian Ed­wards (91 gross, 23 h/c, 68 nett) also on a count­back from third place win­ner Xavier Crone (97 gross, 29 h/c, 68 nett).

Ball win­ners: Keith Hill (69), Wayne Schimma (70), Craig Lee (71), Chris White (71), Tim Holmes (71) and Xavier Fiske-Kealy (71). Ladies Stable­ford: In the ladies divi­sion one, the win­ning pair was Muriel Pitts and Jan Walk­late (45 / 16 h/c, 55 nett), from run­ner-up Raye Fleay and Les­ley Elvey (18 / 23 h/c, 42 nett).

Ball win­ners were: Kerry Scales and Anne McManus. Near­est the pins: 1st hole divi­sion one: Brett Moore; divi­sion two: Xavier Crone.

3rd hole, 2nd shot - divi­sion one: P. Fox; divi­sion two: Tony Lin­drea. 6th hole (Open): Les­ley Elvey. 16th hole (Su­per­pin): Wayne Mil­dren.

18th hole divi­sion one: Grant Lane; divi­sion two: Paul Laursen. Other High­lights: GCV Mens 18-Hole Stroke Cham­pion 2018: Fred Kath (78 nett).

Birdie Ball: hole).

A TO­TAL of 68 men played a par event at the Axedale Golf Club on Thurs­day. The event was spon­sored by Cen­tral Vic­to­rian Tro­phies.

In divi­sion one (0-16 h/c) the win­ner was Al­lan An­drews (11 h/c, 3 nett) on a count­back from Steven Lee (11 h/c, 3 nett). Third place went to Ge­off Arun­dell (15 h/c, 2 nett) on a count­back.

In divi­sion two (17-21 h/c) the win­ner was Bill An­drea (18 h/c, 5 nett). The run­ner-up was Mark Davies (21 h/c, 3 nett). Third place went to Kevin Craw­ford (20 h/c, 3 nett).

In divi­sion three (22-36 h/c) the win­ner was John Ran­dles (22 h/c, 5 nett). The run­ner-up was Keith Hill David Purdy (12th (29 h/c, 2 nett) and third place went to Ian Kerr (27 h/c, 1 nett) on a count­back.

Ball win­ners: Peter Hoskin (2), Ian Lo­gan (2), Rick Man­ley (2); Tony Lin­drea (1), Tom Phe­lan (1) and David Yum (1) on a count­back. Near­est the pins: 1st hole divi­sion one: John White; divi­sion two: Noel Holmes.

2nd shot, 3rd hole divi­sion one: Bill An­drea; divi­sion two: Mark Kes­per. 6th hole open: Rob Tay­lor. 18th hole divi­sion one: Al­lan An­drews; divi­sion two: Martin Skahill. Long­est drive: Peter Williamson Long­est putt: Nick Williamson En­cour­age­ment Award: divi­sion one John White; divi­sion two Ge­off Kerr; divi­sion three Ge­off Wal­dren.

Birdie Ball: hole).

Ea­gles Nest: Rod Threlfall (12th hole). Owen Davies (12th

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