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Chas­ing the ice-cream van doesn’t count as a fit­ness pro­gram.

Did you know?

On av­er­age, vend­ing ma­chines kill four times as many peo­ple each year than sharks do!


What has four legs but only one foot?

Silly signs

Seen on the win­dow of a restau­rant in Ja­pan: “The place where it can en­joy read­ily one­self over meal. It is Petit-Green. An orig­i­nal dish can be tasted by the tongue with eyes. I will pro­duce one happy o’clock won­der­fully.”

Seen on a pil­lar in the foyer of a build­ing in Lon­don: “Pedes­trian En­trance.” “Warn­ing! Height restric­tion 10ft 6”.”

News­pa­per hu­mour

Ac­tual head­line: “Sur­vey: Teens not drink­ing as much as thought — School seeks to change be­hav­iour.”

Seen in the crime re­ports: “A taxi driver was tricked out of a 140-pound fare by a man­nequin. The cab­bie was hailed for a latenight jour­ney from Brighton train sta­tion to Lon­don by three men who agreed on a fee. He dropped the first man off 50 miles later. At the next stop, the sec­ond man got out, thanked him and gave the des­ti­na­tion of their friend in the back seat who was asleep. But at the fi­nal ad­dress the driver tried to wake up the pas­sen­ger only to find it was a fully-clothed tai­lors dummy. Andy Cheesman, Ci­tyCabs boss in Brighton, said: ‘‘He was ex­pect­ing the last pas­sen­ger to pay, so he lost the lot. It is the fun­ni­est thing ever to hap­pen to one of our driv­ers...’’

Trivia chal­lenge

1. What whim­si­cal name is given to the hab­it­able dis­tance from its sun that a planet must re­side within to sug­gest it may sup­port life: a. The Snug­gly Zone; b. The Goldie­locks Zone; c. The Twi­light Zone; or d. The O2 Zone?

2. What was the name of the first man­made satel­lite suc­cess­fully launched into space: a. Sput­nik 1; b. Dong Fang Hong 1; c. Ex­plorer 1; or d. Aste´rix?

3. Launched in 1990, what is the name of the space tele­scope that rev­o­lu­tionised our un­der­stand­ing of the uni­verse: a. Cos-B; b. Spitzer Space Tele­scope; c. Eu­clid; or d. Hub­ble Tele­scope.

4. Which planet dur­ing its or­bit comes clos­est to Earth at just be­low 66 mil­lion kilo­me­tres away: a. Uranus; b. Venus; c. Mer­cury or d. Nep­tune?

5. In which Amer­i­can state is Cape Canaveral, a launch­ing site for space travel: a. Ari­zona; b. Nebraska; c. Florida; or d. New Mex­ico?

Recipe of the week

Clas­sic Kids Cheese and Tomato Omelette Ingredients: 3 eggs 1 tbsp milk 15g West­ern Star Orig­i­nal But­ter Half a tomato, chopped 2 tbsp Bega Farm­ers Tasty Grated Cheese Salt and pep­per Method: 1. Lightly beat the eggs and milk with a whisk in a medium bowl. Sea­son with salt and pep­per to taste and con­tinue to whisk.

2. Heat the but­ter in a non-stick fry pan over a medium-high heat. Once the but­ter has melted, pour in the egg mix­ture and slightly tilt the pan to cover the base. As the omelette be­gins to set, use a heat­proof plas­tic spat­ula to gen­tly lift the omelette, and stir so that any un­cooked egg runs un­der­neath to cook.

3. Cook for a fur­ther 1-2 min­utes or un­til the base be­comes light golden and the top re­mains slightly runny. Get the kids to sprin­kle over the tomato and Bega Farm­ers Tasty Cheese and cook for a fur­ther 30 sec­onds. Gen­tly fold the omelette in half and turn onto a plate.

4. Serve the omelette im­me­di­ately, ei­ther on its own or with hot but­tered toast.

Serves: 1. Source: Bega.

Mys­tery movie

Can you work out the ti­tle of this TV se­ries from the fol­low­ing clue?

Habi­ta­tion of jok­ers, jacks, queens and kings.

The way we were

10 years ago The McIvor Times, June 11,

2008 The McIvor Times is seek­ing a new journalist to take over from Tania Malav­isi.

Two men, who were al­legedly dis­turbed at a Mt Camel prop­erty by an off-duty po­lice of­fi­cer on Thurs­day evening and rammed the of­fi­cer's pri­vate ve­hi­cle while at­tempt­ing to leave are to face court on var­i­ous charges.

Heath­cote IGA, in part­ner­ship with Ea­gle­hawk Re­cy­cle Shop, is sup­port­ing a pro­gram to col­lect and re­cy­cle old mo­bile phones … Heath­cote IGA man­ager Jim Jowett en­cour­aged res­i­dents to take their un­wanted mo­bile phones to the store to be re­cy­cled. The McIvor Times, June 9,

1993 Work has been sus­pended on the con­tro­ver­sial pedes­trian refuges af­ter VicRoads ex­pressed con­cern about the gap created to al­low cy­clists to pass through.

Mem­ber for Seymour Marie Te­han vis­ited the Heath­cote Pri­mary School last Tues­day week to of­fi­cially open the new play­ground equip­ment.

Heath­cote Hos­pi­tal Fu­ture Threat­ened: When the then Cen­tral High­lands mem­ber and op­po­si­tion health spokes-per­son, Mrs Marie Te­han, vis­ited Heath­cote prior to the Vic­to­rian elec­tion last year, she told the Heath­cote Hos­pi­tal Board of Man­age­ment their mas­ter plan was a “valu­able doc­u­ment” and its im­ple­men­ta­tion highly likely un­der a Lib­eral govern­ment. Eight months later, and now mem­ber for the seat of Seymour and Health Min­is­ter, she ef­fec­tively told the board last week that they may as well throw the mas­ter plan away. Mrs. Te­han told the board that she could not see how the hos­pi­tal could sur­vive in their cur­rent form un­der the Casemix fund­ing ar­range­ments she has just im­ple­mented…

The Toob­o­rac Me­chan­ics Hall is un­der­go­ing a ma­jor ex­ten­sion to in­clude a larger dance floor and a new kitchen and meet­ing room area. Work be­gan in mid-May and vol­un­teer labour for de­mo­li­tion and paint­ing works has played a large part in keep­ing costs down. The McIvor Times, June 11,

1968 First-Con­sta­ble Ray Koch, of Heath­cote, has been an in­mate of the Hos­pi­tal with a poi­soned hand and is now on sick leave.

The Crown Law Depart­ment hasnt got a few bob (par­don, cents) in kitty! The front of the Mu­nic­i­pal Build­ing and Court­house is show­ing the im­prov­ing ef­fects of a coat of glit­ter­ing white paint, but the draw­back to the scheme is the drab­ness of the south wall of the Law build­ing, which has been left as be­fore, spoil­ing the whole effect if you ap­proach from that side…

Fur­ther to out note of last week regarding the es­tab­lish­ment of a new bak­ery in Heath­cote, we have re­ceived of­fi­cial ad­vice of the project. Goul­burn Bak­eries Pty Ltd, a sub­sidiary of Aus­tral Bak­eries Pty Ltd, have pur­chased the prop­erty of Christie & Co in High Street, Heath­cote, where a bak­ery is to be es­tab­lished. A new oven and a Na­tional slic­ing ma­chine have been or­dered and it is an­tic­i­pated that the fac­tory will be in pro­duc­tion by the mid­dle of July. The firm ad­vise that as far as pos­si­ble lo­cal staff will be em­ployed and it is ex­pected that po­si­tions for ap­prox- imately 20 peo­ple will be avail­able im­me­di­ately.

Ad­ver­tise­ment: “Heath­cote Foot­ball Club. A meet­ing of sup­port­ers of the above (Heath­cote Foot­ball Club) will be held in the Fire Sta­tion on Fri­day next, 14th June at 8pm to re­form the club. Roll up! G. Els­bury, Hon. Sec­re­tary.”

A very se­ri­ous burn­ing ac­ci­dent hap­pened at Moorm­bool West about on Sun­day evening when, by un­known means, the clothes of a man named Joseph De­la­bosic be­came ig­nited, with the re­sult that he was badly burned about the head and body be­fore the fire was ex­tin­guished by a man named Brown. It ap­pears that about the time stated above Brown heard screams and rushed out­side his tent, when he was hor­ri­fied to see De­la­bosic, who is 58 years of age, crawl­ing from his tent with his clothes in a mass of flames. He promptly went to the un­for­tu­nate man's aid and suc­ceeded in quelling the flames. Ow­ing to the dif­fi­culty of se­cur­ing a con­veyance De­la­bosic could not be brought to Heath­cote till about mid-day on Mon­day. He was ad­mit­ted to the lo­cal hos­pi­tal, where he was found to (be) suf­fer­ing from se­vere burns about the head and back, while one arm and knee was also badly burnt.

A very pleas­ant so­cial evening was held in the State School at Ma­jor's Line on Tues­day evening; when a large and rep­re­sen­ta­tive gath­er­ing of that place and

sur­round­ing dis­tricts as­sem­bled to ex­tend a wel­come home to Pte Don Bates, who

has re­turned af­ter over two years mil­i­tary ser­vice abroad.

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