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A TO­TAL of 34 men com­peted in a 27-Hole Cana­dian Four­some Cham­pi­onship on Satur­day at Axedale Golf Club, while 18 men com­peted over 18-Holes.

The Cana­dian Four­some Cham­pi­onship for the ladies had 14 con­tenders, with all events spon­sored by MLC Ad­vice.

Mem’s 27-hole Cana­dian Four­some Cham­pi­onship

Fred Kath and Chris Atkin­son teamed up to win the best gross score on 118.

Peter Elvey and Al­lan An­drews took out the ti­tle in the 27-Hole Cana­dian Four­some Cham­pi­onship, with 119 gross, 13 h/cap and 106 nett, from Peter and Nick Wil­liamson with 123 gross, 15 1/5 h/cap and 107 4/5 nett. Men’s ball winners: Brian Ed­wards and Den­nis Hig­gins 108 1/5; John Richard­son and Stephen Jef­freys 108 7/9; Stu­art McGib­bon and Hay­den Nielsen 112 2/3.

Men’s 18-hole Cana­dian Four­some Cham­pi­onship

Mitchell Win­ter-Irv­ing and Jake Whitcroft were the winners in the 18-hole event with 82 gross, 14.25 h/cap and 67.75 nett. Grant Lane and Ivan Phillips finished run­ner-up with 86 gross, 12.375 h/cap and 73.625 nett. Near­est the pins: 1st hole — di­vi­sion one: Kris Lea; di­vi­sion two: Rob Scott.

6th hole — open: Fred Kath.

16th hole — en­tries Su­per­pin: Mike Fitzger­ald.

18th hole — di­vi­sion one: Colin Green; di­vi­sion two: Heath Bolton. Ladies event Jan Walk­late and An­nette Holmes took out first di­vi­sion of the ladies with 89 gross, 14 1/4 h/cap and 74 3/4 on a count­back. Ladies ball winners Janelle Bren­nan and Ali­son Bar­rett 74 3/4.

ON THURS­DAY, June 7, 58 men played a sta­ble­ford event at the Axedale Golf Club, spon­sored by Car­ley Ad­vi­sory Ser­vices. In first di­vi­sion for hand­i­caps of 0-16, the win­ner was Peter Wil­liamson (9 h/c, 39 nett). The run­ner-up was Rod Con­nelly (14 h/c, 38 nett). Third place went to Daniel Nan­car­row (14 h/c, 37 nett). In di­vi­sion two for hand­i­caps of 17-21, the win­ner was Den­nis Hig­gins (17 h/c, 41 nett) on a count­back from Ian Martin (19 h/c, 41 nett), while third place went to Don Lev­er­sha (18 h/c, 36 nett). In di­vi­sion three for hand­i­caps of 22-36, the win­ner was Phillip Har­ris (36 h/c, 41 nett). The run­ner-up was Eric Rogers (23 h/c, 39 nett), from Gra­ham Neilsen in third place (31 h/c, 36 nett) on a count­back. Ball winners: Garry Har­rop 37; Peter Thomas 36; Bill An­drea 36; Paul Pyke 36; Sam Bi­lardi 35; Gary John­stone 35. Near­est the pins: 1st hole — di­vi­sion one: Tom Holmes; di­vi­sion two: Rick Man­ley. 3rd hole, 2nd shot — di­vi­sion one: Garry Har­rop; di­vi­sion two: Greg Hamil­ton. 6th hole — open: Daryl Fleay. 18th hole — di­vi­sion one: Roger Hei­der; di­vi­sion two: No win­ner - jack­pots. Long­est drive: Brian Fry. Long­est putt: Roger Hei­der. En­cour­age­ment award: Di­vi­sion one: Peter Hoskin. Di­vi­sion two: David Bail­lie. Di­vi­sion three: Mark Fi­lan.

In first di­vi­sion for play­ers with hand­i­caps of 0-23, the win­ner was Joy Kennedy (87 gross, 15 h/c, 72 nett). Run­ner-up was Jan Walk­late (90 gross, 16 h/c, 74 nett). Third place went to Raye Fleay (94 gross, 18 h/c, 76 nett). In di­vi­sion two for play­ers with hand­i­caps of 24-27, the win­ner was Les­ley Elvey (95 gross, 24 h/c, 71 nett) from run­ner-up Anne Telford (104 gross, 26 h/c, 78 nett). Dianne Wen­zlau came in third (105 gross, 25 h/c, 80 nett). In di­vi­sion three for play­ers with hand­i­caps of 28-45, the win­ner was Mar­i­anne Dunn (109 gross, 34 h/c, 75 nett). Mau­reen Con­nelly was the run­ner-up (105 gross, 29 h/c, 76 nett) from Wendy Nielsen (111 gross, 34 h/c, 77 nett) on a count­back. Putting: Les­ley Elvey with 32 putts on a count­back. Sta­ble­ford: The win­ner of the sta­ble­ford was Karen Grif­fin (27 h/cap, 35 nett) from run­ner-up Ann Whit­ing (40 h/cap, 33 nett). Near­est the pins: 18th hole — di­vi­sion one: Ruth Iser; The win­ner of the club cham­pi­onship was Ruth Iser with 261 in a 2-hole sud­den death from Joy Kennedy also with 261. The win­ner of Best Nett” was Jan Walk­late with a to­tal of 215. In de­tail: A Grade Gross Cham­pion: Ruth Iser 88-82-91 = 261 from Joy Kennedy 85-89-87 = 261 (in a 2-hole sud­den death). A Grade Nett Cham­pion: Jan Walk­late 72-69-74 = 215. A Grade Putting Cham­pion: Joy Kennedy 32-35-33 = 100. B Grade Gross Cham­pion: Pam Davies 93-105-102 = 300. B Grade Nett Cham­pion: An­nette Purdy 72-75-80 = 227. B Grade Putting Cham­pion: Les­ley Elvey 35-37-32 = 104. C Grade Gross Cham­pion: Jan Fry 109-102-109 = 320. C Grade Nett Cham­pion: Wendy Wood 71-80-76 = 227 on a count­back from Jan Fry 78-71-78 = 227. C Grade Putting Cham­pion: Mary Browne 32-35-36 = 103. Vet­eran Gross Cham­pion: Lin­drea 101-103-105 = 309. Vet­eran Nett Cham­pion: Jan Fry 78-71-78 = 227. He­len

Thurs­day's monthly medal win­ner, Greg Long.

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