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IT took me 20 min­utes to get onto Leach High­way from Win­na­cott Street last Mon­day morn­ing.

It was di­a­bol­i­cal – west­bound Leach High­way traffic bank­ing up to turn right on to Potts Street, pre­sum­ably drop­ping their kids off at school, fill­ing up the right-hand turn­ing lane and spilling out on to Leach High­way, block­ing the view of cars turn­ing right onto Win­na­cott Street.

I watched three near-misses with horns blar­ing as trucks and buses and cars roared up the hill.

If a bus pulls up to drop kids off at Melville Se­nior High School there is no ded­i­cated lane so it blocks Leach High­way traffic, fur­ther ob­scur­ing the view for those of us pulling out at Win­na­cott Street.

At one stage, due to a bus block­ing the left lane and cars banked up block­ing the right lane, only the mid­dle lane was mov­ing.

Most chil­dren were smart enough to use the foot­bridge, but many were play­ing with their young lives by run­ning across six lanes of truck-in­fested traffic.

Even­tu­ally some­one will die here, I have no doubt about it.

I am go­ing to spend money to in­stall high qual­ity front and rear cam­eras on my car so I can record the mad­ness on Leach High­way.

It is dif­fi­cult to un­der­stand why the gov­ern­ment will not build Roe8 to ease con­ges­tion on a large sec­tion of Leach High­way – es­pe­cially as re­ports sug­gest that the project will cost the same amount of money if not com­pleted.

If Bon Scott was alive to­day he would be singing ‘High­way to Hell’ about Leach High­way. DON BRADLEY, Wil­lagee.

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