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PAUL Marik in his let­ter (Melville Times, Septem­ber 5) asks where is the ev­i­dence of per­sonal at­tacks on those op­posed to the wave park.

Oh Paul, where do we be­gin to enu­mer­ate the names we've been called on so­cial me­dia: thugs, an­tis, lu­natics, cave peo­ple, swamp folk, grey-haired nim­bys, whingers “who should sod off back to their caves and whinge”, wom­bats, mup­pets and more.

Al­fred Cove Ac­tion Group peo­ple have been pretty civil in their re­sponse to all this.

As for you be­ing ap­palled by “the be­hav­iour of the anti-group mem­bers at council meet­ings”, let me say the City of Melville has to­tally ig­nored its ratepay­ers op­posed to the wave park at ev­ery turn.

On the other hand, the wave park de­vel­oper and sup­port­ers have had a dream run, with highly par­ti­san sup­port from sup­pos­edly im­par­tial elected mem­bers and of­fi­cials.

Let's not have any hypocrisy here. At the very same meet­ing that you men­tioned, a wave park sup­porter sit­ting di­rectly be­hind me shouted loud abuse at one of the coun­cil­lors op­posed to the wave park.

None of the vig­i­lant council of­fi­cials at the meet­ing ap­peared to have heard it.

Make no mis­take, the sub­stan­tial group of ratepay­ers op­posed to the pro­posed wave park de­vel­op­ment are fight­ing an up­hill bat­tle against for­mi­da­ble foes.

For all of you out there who are op­posed to this de­vel­op­ment and haven't yet con­tacted the Al­fred Cove Ac­tion Group, please do so. We need all hands on deck to beat this thing. JENNY CHRIS­TEN­SON At­tadale

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