Q I’m al­ways tired. Is this a side ef­fect of mod­ern life or could I be ill? RA

Men's Health (Australia) - - Ed’s Letter -

THERE’S A DIF­FER­ENCE be­tween med­i­cal fa­tigue and tired­ness. Think back to the last time you had a truly re­lax­ing week­end. How did you feel come Mon­day? “If you feel recharged af­ter a rest, you’re prob­a­bly just tired,” says fa­tigue spe­cial­ist Dr Sue Pem­ber­ton. “With fa­tigue, rest doesn’t help.” So if you still feel weary af­ter a re­spectable eight hours – or are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing other symp­toms such as mus­cle pains, headaches or mem­ory loss – it may be a sign of chronic fa­tigue syn­drome. The ex­act cause is un­known, but re­fus­ing to take time off work when you come down with a virus is one likely cul­prit. (Sound like any­one you know?)

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