Do four rounds of this cir­cuit with min­i­mal rest. Yes, it’s “gru­elling”, as Manganiello puts it, but if he can han­dle it at 40, so can you.

Men's Health (Australia) - - Tactics -

1/ Sin­gle-arm KB snatch (10 each side)

Hold­ing the ket­tle­bell be­tween your legs in a half squat (A), snap your hips for­ward as for a swing, then shrug and pull it up, punch­ing through (B) so it doesn’t whack your fore­arm.

2/ Ring dip (10 reps)

Be­gin with your arms straight (A), then lower your chest un­til your shoul­ders are be­low your el­bows (B). Now push up, keep­ing your hands and el­bows close to your body.

3/ Dead­ball to shoul­der (10 reps)

Squat (A) and lift the dead­ball onto your thighs to get your arms un­der it. Roll it up your torso, then heave it over your shoul­der (B). For ex­tra points, wear a weighted vest.

4/ Steel club lunge (10 reps)

Lift the club (or a dumb­bell) over­head (A). As you lunge, lower it to eye level (B), arms par­al­lel to the ground. Raise it as you push back up.

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