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1/ Blends with ben­e­fits

Heat some co­conut oil in a non-stick pan. Mean­while, chuck your egg whites, oats and co­conut flour in a blender to cre­ate a smooth bat­ter. Fry an egg on the side.

3/ Top up the gains

When bub­bles start form­ing on the base, flip it and check it’s cooked evenly on both sides. Take it off the heat and add the puree, cheese, chicken, onion, spinach and egg.

2/ Add a warm layer

Pour the mix­ture into the pan and spread it evenly. By now the pan should be hellishly hot, but you don’t want to car­bonise your base, so turn down the heat once the bat­ter has gone in.

4/ Into the in­ferno

Fire up the grill, then slide the lot in, pan and all, to fin­ish it off and melt the cheese. A few min­utes should be all it takes to per­fect a pizza that’ll add inches to your chest, not your waist.

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