Gains of Thrones

Sea­son 7 of Game of Thrones de­buts July 16. Get ready with these up­per-body work­outs. And re­mem­ber, a Lan­nis­ter al­ways fin­ishes his sets

Men's Health (Australia) - - Muscle + Fitness - BY BJ GADDOUR

1/ Bent-over Row

Hold­ing dumb­bells, bend at your hips un­til your torso is nearly par­al­lel to the floor. Raise the weights un­til they reach your armpits. Pause and re­verse the move. That’s 1 rep; do 15-20.

2/ Over­head Press

Hold dumb­bells at shoul­der level, your palms fac­ing each other. Clench your glutes and brace your abs as you press the weights up. Pause and slowly lower them. That’s 1 rep; do 15-20.

3/ Over­head Carry

Hold weights at the top of the over­head-press po­si­tion and walk back and forth. You’re done when your el­bows be­gin to buckle. That’s 1 round; do 3-5, rest­ing 2 min­utes be­tween each.

1/ In­cline Chest Press

Lie on an in­cline bench hold­ing dumb­bells above your chest, your arms straight and palms fac­ing for­ward. Lower the weights to your chest, pause, then re­verse. That’s 1 rep; do 15-20.

2/ Chin-up

Us­ing an un­der­hand grip, hang at arm’s length from a bar. Pull up, brac­ing your abs and tuck­ing your el­bows to your ribs, un­til your chest touches the bar; pause and lower. Re­peat till fail­ure.

3/ Farmer’s Walk

Stand hold­ing dumb­bells at your sides. Keep your shoul­ders pulled down and don’t let the weights rest on your thighs. Walk as far as you can un­til your grip or pos­ture starts to fail.

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