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Okay, a decade at the of­fice coal­face can’t hold a can­dle to 10 years down an ac­tual mine (see: Zoolan­der) but work stress can feel as crush­ing as a tun­nel col­lapse. Sci­en­tists in Canada found ca­reer per­fec­tion­ists have a 51 per cent in­creased risk of early death com­pared to their lais­sez-faire peers. So un­earth a health­ier work­ing week.

6.30 AM Throw your fists

No, not at your line man­ager. In­stead, Chi­nese re­searchers dis­cov­ered bust­ing out two hours of tai chi a week im­proves blood pres­sure enough to re­duce your stroke risk by up to 41 per cent and heart dis­ease by 22 per cent.

8.15 AM Dress to im­press

The dap­per dons at North­west­ern Univer­sity found a uni­form en­cour­ages men to pay closer at­ten­tion to their work. To take the sting out of shop­ping, The Iconic can out­fit you in a smart shirt and trousers for $100 (the­

12.40 PM Get hands-on

The sim­ple act of squeez­ing re­duces work stress, say re­searchers in Ja­pan. Don’t hug your knees as you sob on the stair­case – grip a medicine ball as you work through a set of lunchtime twists.

6 PM Head for home

Ac­cord­ing to a study by re­searchers at Stan­ford Univer­sity, your pro­duc­tiv­ity plum­mets if you’re ratch­et­ing up more than 50 hours in the of­fice each week. Clock off while the sun’s up; it’s an in­vest­ment in your fu­ture.

EV­ERY­DAY Aim for the top

Yep, Har­vard re­search shows oc­cu­pants of the cor­ner of­fice have lower lev­els of cor­ti­sol in their sys­tems. Power brings its own stresses, but it’s out­weighed by a sense of con­trol. One day…

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