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Get­ting into run­ning was the best thing you ever did for your fit­ness, but 10 years later, your feet have taken a Pb-threat­en­ing pound­ing. “Poorly fit­ting train­ers place the foot un­der ten­sion, which in turn makes the calf mus­cles and Achilles ten­don over­work to com­pen­sate for the lack of sta­bil­ity, lead­ing to painful tears (A),” ex­plains Emma Kirko­dunubi, tech­ni­cian at Pro­feet. To stay on track come race day, Kirk-odunubi sug­gests a pro­fes­sional fit­ting, leav­ing a thumb’s width be­tween the tip of your big toe and the end of the shoe. To ease aches, place the cen­tre of your foot on a step, then press for­ward (B). Keep the calf ex­tended with your toes at a 45˚ an­gle to your shin. Hold for 30 sec­onds. Happy trails (C).

AU­GUST 2017

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