Got your­self a flat stom­ach? Big tick. But it’s cor­ru­ga­tion that will turn fe­male heads

Men's Health (Australia) - - Useful stuff - By Ethan Hyde, Men’s Health Next Top Trainer win­ner

You’d have heard that abs are made in the kitchen. Wrong! Abs are made in the gym and re­vealed in the kitchen. The mus­cles of your core grow in re­sponse to pro­gres­sive train­ing just like your bi­ceps do. Use these three sci­ence-backed moves to cre­ate your own cen­tre of ex­cel­lence. Per­form them as a cir­cuit, tak­ing each set to fail­ure. Re­peat the cir­cuit 5 times with 30 sec­onds rest in be­tween.


This move tar­gets both your up­per and lower abs more ef­fec­tively than sit-ups or crunches. Think of it as an ad­vanced, dy­namic ver­sion of the plank.

DO IT Kneel, hold­ing the abs wheel in both hands on the floor in front of you. Lead with your core to ini­ti­ate the move­ment, even­tu­ally ex­tend­ing your arms while not al­low­ing your mid­dle to sag or touch the floor. Re­verse the move­ment to re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion.


This is a tough, highly ef­fec­tive move that tar­gets your obliques (or side abs). The weight of the load on the bar­bell is your call, though safety needs to be your first con­cern. As al­ways.

DO IT Lie on your back on the floor hold­ing a bar­bell at full extension. Raise your legs so they’re al­most per­pen­dic­u­lar to the floor. With your abs braced, sweep your legs from side to side.


This is a proven ex­er­cise that hits your en­tire abs struc­ture – and hits it hard. Tip: feel­ing it more in your hip flex­ors than your abs? You’re too tight. Spend 20 min­utes a day stretch­ing your hips. You’ll be a new man.

DO IT Hang from a chin-up bar, ide­ally with a neu­tral grip. Brace your core and bring your knees up to your right side. Lower un­der con­trol. Re­peat on the left side.

Un­veil­ing your abs can be a mat­ter of hang­ing in there.

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