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Q A wait­ress at my bar seems to be hit­ting one me. How can I know? Wayne

If you’re old enough to drink in a bar, Wayne, you’re old enough to know when a woman is hit­ting on you. Two rules of thumb: if she’s work­ing for tips and she’s be­ing nice to you, you’re a cus­tomer and she’s do­ing her job. If she’s not work­ing for tips but she’s be­ing nice to you any­way, you’re a char­ity case and she’s a rehab vol­un­teer. Ei­ther way, if you’re not sure she’s hit­ting on you, she’s not.

Q I don’t talk to my dad all that much (long story), but he sends me a fat cheque ev­ery year for my birth­day. If I don’t cash it, I feel guilty. If I do cash it, I feel guilty. Is there a way out? Frank

Yes. Start talk­ing to your dad. Like you, he’s just an­other guy lost on the planet. Be that guy – that son – who reaches out. If he cares enough to give you a cash prize, then ac­cept it. Just say, “Thank you very much” and let your­self feel good about do­ing the right thing. And that long story? Wrap it up.

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