Why am I so much bet­ter at darts af­ter a cou­ple of beers?

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Be­cause you’re buzzed. Golfers call beer “swing oil” be­cause it seems to smooth out the mo­tion. Same thing here. It’s sci­ence, sort of, be­cause there are big words in­volved. (Which, co­in­ci­den­tally, are eas­ier to say af­ter two beers.) Specif­i­cally, those highly sci­en­tific words are:


CON­TEXT RE­IN­STATE­MENT This means if you al­ways do some­thing un­der the same con­di­tions, you’ll per­form bet­ter. So if you al­ways play darts buzzed, that be­comes the state you might need to be in to achieve your top per­for­mance level.


THE YERKES-DOD­SON LAW It’s why beer equals liq­uid courage. Com­pe­ti­tion (and drunk friends yelling mind­lessly) can cause psy­cho­log­i­cal arousal. A lit­tle al­co­hol can sub­due this a bit; mod­er­ate arousal yields op­ti­mal per­for­mance. It’s the law! Do not ques­tion it.


IL­LU­SORY COR­RE­LA­TION This means you might think booze is ben­e­fi­cial be­cause you’re as­so­ci­at­ing two un­re­lated things. If you’ve pre­vi­ously kicked arse while drunk, you may think the two are re­lated. This is a nat­u­ral as­sump­tion that also ap­plies to push-up com­pe­ti­tions.


INADVERTENT BLOOD­LET­TING This is what might hap­pen when you drink too much, be­cause al­co­hol can wreck your mo­tor func­tion­ing. Those darts are sharper than they look, gen­tle­men. Throw re­spon­si­bly.

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