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Q I have a friend who’s al­ways com­plain­ing to me about her boyfriend. She’s in­ter­ested in me, right? MC

Doubt it, MC. It ap­pears that this lassie sees you as a sound­ing board, which, when look­ing at the spec­trum of flir­ta­tion to friend zone, places you firmly in the lat­ter. Very few dat­ing hand­books sug­gest flex­ing your whin­ing skills as a way to win over po­ten­tial suit­ors. Cou­ple that with the fact her cur­rent boyfriend is the topic of con­ver­sa­tion, and I’d say the jury would rule your case closed for cop­u­la­tion con­tention.

Q Some­times I’m quite phys­i­cal with my girl­friend’s breasts and she likes it. Other times less pres­sure hurts her. What gives? PW

Our ta-tas feel sore for all sorts of rea­sons, PW, but ten­der twins is a real thing. With­out get­ting into the nitty titty gritty, med­i­cal boffins usu­ally point to a peak in the hor­mone pro­ges­terone. The surge is pretty stan­dard one week be­fore that time of the month. The re­sult? Pain, swelling and a tem­po­rary boost in bo­som cup size. Your move: do as she says.

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