Your go-to move for iron­ing out kinks while build­ing strength and flex­i­bil­ity.

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WHILE AN IN­TEN­SIVE train­ing plan strikes no fear in the MH man, in­creas­ingly it’s the per­ils of the day job that can leave you winc­ing. Where once a man’s work was break­ing backs, it’s now bend­ing them. Your slouch­ing desk pos­ture is caus­ing pain and stilt­ing progress. And those HIIT ses­sions you rely on for fast re­sults when you fi­nally leave the of­fice are likely ex­ac­er­bat­ing the prob­lem. You need to slow down.

The over­head Cos­sack squat fo­cuses on con­trol, re­set­ting rounded shoul­ders, open­ing your hip flex­ors and strength­en­ing your core to get an in­jury-proof pos­ture.

Take it easy to start with: “Get com­fort­able per­form­ing body­weight Cos­sack squats be­fore adding any weight,” ad­vises PT and mo­bil­ity en­thu­si­ast Ol­lie Frost. “Once the bar is over­head the key is to keep your ribs down, back straight and chest up. These cues not only pro­tect you from in­jury, but also de­velop bet­ter pos­ture for a day at your desk.”

Join our quest to mo­bilise the work force, and com­plete four sets of three reps each side, three times a week at the end of your ses­sion. You’ll sit pain-free within a month.

01 TALL OR­DER With feet shoul­der­width and a wide grip on the bar, raise your arms over­head. Make sure your back and legs are straight and that your hands are slightly be­hind your head in a Y-shape. Stop whistling the Vil­lage Peo­ple.

02 TAKE SIDES With your core set, lunge to the left and ‘sit down’ onto your left foot, ex­tend­ing the op­po­site leg. Your ex­tended leg should be rest­ing on its heel with your other foot flat on the floor. This, by the way, is the easy bit.

03 SHIFT WORK Lock your arms to stop them wob­bling, tighten your core and keep your pos­ture tall as you steadily shift your weight to the other leg, end­ing in a mir­ror po­si­tion.

04 LAST STAND Push­ing through the heel of your right foot, re­turn to stand­ing, un­der con­trol. Take a breath, re­set your shoul­der blades and pre­pare to re­peat for an­other rep.

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