Q I’m a com­plete chop­sticks klutz. What’s the trick? MD

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Move to fork-free ru­ral China and amuse the lo­cals. Two years, max – you’ll be great. Or you can prac­tise with these in­struc­tions: rest the bot­tom chop­stick in the crease of your thumb and atop your ring fin­ger. Hold the top stick be­tween your thumb and in­dex fin­ger like a pen­cil, but two-thirds of the way up from the point. (Higher is the sign of a mas­ter; lower down is the sign of a beginner.) Pinch your food by mov­ing only the top stick. A few eti­quette tips: don’t drop food, spear meat or ges­ture with chop­sticks. And stick­ing them point-down into your rice bowl sym­bol­ises death, says Ed­ward Wang, au­thor of Chop­sticks: A Cul­tural and Culi­nary His­tory. Do feel free to hold a bowl to your lower lip and push rice into your mouth. To get re­ally good, try this train­ing game from chop­sticks maker John Econo­maki: spread un­cooked rice on the ta­ble. Who­ever puts the most grains in a bowl in 15 sec­onds wins. “It’s hi­lar­i­ous,” he prom­ises.

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