Q Why do my el­bows hurt when I do pull-ups, but not with chin-ups? MD

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This goes back to your bi­ceps, be­cause pretty much ev­ery­thing is con­nected. Pull-up (palms out) pain is fairly com­mon, says Dr Ni­cholas Din­u­bile, be­cause oft­ne­glected fore­arms take a big load. Too much stress on fore­arm mus­cles can lead to ten­nis el­bow, an in­flam­ma­tion of the el­bow ten­dons that con­nect to those mus­cles. Both sides of the el­bow will hurt. When you switch to palms in, your bi­ceps help more, re­liev­ing fore­arm stress. Try strength­en­ing your fore­arms with wrist-ex­ten­sion ex­er­cises. Good form will help, too. Fol­low these tips to nail both moves: Grasp the bar and hang at full ex­ten­sion, chest proud. Slowly pull your chest into the bar, keep­ing your el­bows pointed at the floor. Con­trol your­self back down to full ex­ten­sion and re­peat.

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