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If you still think a lean body re­quires pun­ish­ing car­dio and di­etary de­pri­va­tion, it’s time to quit the self-flag­el­la­tion. Up­date your fat-loss rule book and you’ll burn away the ex­cess faster than ever. Who knows? You might even en­joy it

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NOT ALL PBS are per­for­mance-driven, but that doesn’t mean your pur­suit of a fit­ness model physique is any less wor­thy. Or, for that mat­ter, any less achiev­able. What­ever shape you’re cur­rently in, the good news is that no man is in­her­ently un­able to ac­quire a lean body. With a lit­tle in­side knowl­edge, your six-pack could ar­rive in un­der 12 weeks – and it needn’t cost you your san­ity in the process.

As the lead trainer at Em­body Fit­ness, Chris Wal­ton spe­cialises in fast trans­for­ma­tions. “We of­ten see clients los­ing 1 per cent of their body fat every week,” he says. That’s enough to take you from over-padded to ul­tra-ath­lete within three months.

If the mere men­tion of fat re­duc­tion has you com­pos­ing a farewell note to all things soft and starchy, that’s your first mis­take. Cut­ting carbs may trim your mid­line for a fort­night or so, but beyond that it starts to work against you. “Ev­ery­one’s quick to hop on the anti-carb band­wagon,” says Wal­ton. “But if you cut out carbs com­pletely, the body down-reg­u­lates its pro­duc­tion of T3, a thy­roid hor­mone re­spon­si­ble for me­tab­o­lism and in­creases your lev­els of fat-stor­ing cor­ti­sol.” In­stead, carb up after each of your work­outs so your mus­cles stay fu­elled.

As for your train­ing, think less about your kilo­joule burn in the gym and more about how much you’re us­ing up out­side of it – your ‘af­ter­burn’. Work­ing at high in­ten­sity re­leases en­zymes that keep your body burn­ing fat for 24-36 hours after you’ve tow­elled down. Work every mus­cle in every ses­sion, con­cen­trat­ing on chal­leng­ing full­body move­ments such as squat presses and burpees. You’ll still be torch­ing kilo­joules while you’re sleep­ing it off later.

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